Because School Safety Is Up To All Of Us

A comprehensive program to protect kids, educators, and schools.

Safety Through Education

When danger threatens, knowledge is power.

Supporting Those Who Support Kids

High visible recognition for program supporters.

FREE Online Safety and Security Education

  • 28 crises training videos which include live reenactment, narration and graphics
  • Each video identifies and defines the risk, prepares a mitigation plan, outlines a community response in-crises and recovery
  • Multiple choice and true-false questions to gage users comprehension

Introducing SAFESpacesK12

Online Safety and Security Education for Public and Non-Public Schools

Why an Emergency Operation Plan?

Armed Intruder/Active Shooter

Intruder/Hostage Situation

Abduction/Missing Student

Behavior Analysis of Violent Actor

Bomb Threat/Suspicious Package

US schools currently receive up to 50 violent threats per day.

– Educators School Safety Network

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