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SAFESpacesK12 believes that all students and educators have a right to a safe, functional learning environment – and that right should not be compromised based upon the ability of schools [and districts] to pay for high-quality safety education materials.

SAFESpacesK12 works to provide all materials free of charge to schools, districts, teachers and students through the support of sponsoring companies and organizations.

SAFESpacesK12 is the exclusive licensee of a comprehensive online safety education curricula consisting of up to 28 safety education and testing modules. School administrators are able to customize the SafeSpacesK12 curriculum through the selection of relevant modules. Our 28 module curriculum is customizable and often utilized to enhance your school’s emergency operation plan. Here at SafeSpacesK12 we believe that safety and training should cover any and all potential crisis situations. The goal of each is to provide students and teachers with the practical information they need to recognize threats, respond appropriately, and protect themselves. Developed in consultation with US Federal safety, security, and law enforcement personnel and predicated on best practices identified by agencies such as the FBI, Secret Service, and US Marshalls, these comprehensive education modules are designed to provide viewers with reliable, complete, and frank instruction in order to protect themselves and one another.


The clip below serves as an example of our production and commitment to providing high-quality demonstrations throughout our teaching modules.

Each module is oriented towards a specific hazard scenario:

Why an Emergency
Operations Plan?

Armed Intruder/
Active Shooter


Bomb Threat/
Suspicious Package

Behavior Analysis of
Violent Actor

Assessing Threat

Missing Student

Accidental Death

Natural Disastor: Tornado, Wind Storm, Thunderstormes

Modules are accompanied by corresponding true-false and multiple choice examinations, enabling participants and administrators to ensure complete comprehension and adoption of the materials and facilitating the certification of educators and administrators.

SAFESpacesK12 works to provide all materials free of charge to schools, districts, teachers and students through the support of sponsoring companies and organizations.

Additional Safety Training Modules in Production


Cyber Bullying

Cyber Trafficking

Cyber Cheating


Earthquake/ Structural Failure

Civil Disobedience / Demonstration

Chemical Incident

Nuclear Incident

Pandemic Blood Born Pathogen's, Flue, Bed Bugs, Lice

Bus / Auto Accident

Assault / Disorderly Conduct

Sexual Advances / Rape / Sexual Crimes

Self-Defense Measures




Identifying Hazards

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